Russ Feingold, Former Senator and Campaign Finance Reform Champion, Endorses Dan Koh for Congress

2018-05-17T16:05:54+00:00 February 2nd, 2018|Others' Support|
LegitPAC, dedicated to supporting progressive candidates, also endorses Koh

ANDOVER, MA – Former United States Senator Russ Feingold, an architect of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act, today endorsed Dan Koh in the 3rd District Congressional race. Feingold served as a Senator from Wisconsin from 1993 to 2011 and co-authored the landmark campaign finance reform legislation that sought to limit the impact of soft money in our elections. Former Lowell Congressman Marty Meehan co-authored the House of Representatives version of the bill.

In 2010, a conservative majority of the Supreme Court struck down provisions of the law in the Citizens United decision, unleashing billions of dollars of dark money into our elections. Koh is committed to reversing Citizens United and ridding our politics of unregulated corporate influence.

Feingold is the founder of LegitPAC, an organization focused on supporting progressive candidates and causes in the fight for democratic legitimacy; LegitPAC also endorsed Koh today. LegitPAC supports campaigns that will defend our democracy and its institutions against the efforts by wealthy and special interests intent on making the government serve them. LegitPAC also recently supported Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as well as Senator Doug Jones in his successful upset race in Alabama.

“I’m supporting Dan because he is standing up for progressive values,” said Feingold. “Dan understands that we not only have to fight back against President Trump’s disastrous policies, but we also need to advance our own forward-looking agenda. I know that Dan is committed to expanding access to quality healthcare, curtailing dark money in elections, as well as creating an economy built for everyone and built for the future.”

“I am so proud that Senator Feingold is endorsing our campaign,” said Koh. “Senator Feingold is a strong, principled progressive leader, and one of my political heroes. Likewise, I am grateful to have LegitPAC’s support. LegitPAC is on the frontlines in the fight to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision. In Congress, I will work to enact comprehensive campaign finance reform and get dark money out of politics. We need to come together to protect our shared democratic values and create a more transparent, accessible, and accountable government.”

About Dan Koh

A native of Andover of Korean-Lebanese descent whose great-grandparents came to Lawrence over a century ago, Dan is dedicated to preserving the American Dream that made his own story possible. Dan most recently served as Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, where he managed 18,000 employees and a $3 billion budget during one of the most prosperous four-year stretches in Boston’s history. In Congress, Dan will stand up to President Trump and promote universal healthcare and a forward-looking jobs program so that everyone can get ahead.