IBEW Local 103 Endorses Dan Koh in 3rd District Race

2018-07-30T22:52:11+00:00 July 30th, 2018|Union Endorsements|

LOWELL, MA – This afternoon in Lowell, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 103 officially endorsed Dan Koh in his campaign for Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District. IBEW Local 103 announced its endorsement at a crowded event at Koh’s office on 61 Market Street. Local 103, a labor union representing more than 8,000 workers along with thousands of retirees across Massachusetts, is supporting Koh in the race because of his commitment to representing working people and fighting for progressive values in Congress.

“Now, more than ever, we need strong leaders in Washington who will ensure the Democratic party remains true to its tenants regarding organized labor and workers’ rights,” said IBEW 103 Business Manager Lou Antonellis. “Dan knows how to get things done. We can count on him to be an ally in our efforts to build the middle class and to advocate for the rights of every IBEW 103 member and of workers everywhere. That’s why IBEW Local 103 is proud to endorse Dan Koh for Congress.”

During his speech at the event, Antonellis emphasized, “We need a new group of leaders, young leaders, like Dan Koh, to go to Washington with our message about good wages, about pensions, about retirement and health care, about putting our kids through college. Dan Koh is here for us, and he’s committed to Local 103, he’s committed to the labor movement, and we’re here today to tell him that we’re committed to him.”

Standing with IBEW Local 103 leadership, Dan accepted the coveted endorsement and reiterated his commitment to helping working people in the District. Koh emphasized that he would fight for universal healthcare and a fair economy, stating, “It’s time for us to fight for the values that make the American Dream possible for all of us.”

Koh emphasized, “Let’s stand with labor, let’s make sure we’re fighting so that every single person gets a good job in this country. And let’s fight for a comprehensive infrastructure bill, so that we can create millions of jobs around this country.”

Koh also underscored, “We need to make sure that no matter who you are, no matter what race you are, no matter what gender you are, no matter what income level you are, that you have access to good, quality, affordable healthcare as a right. No one in this country should have to go bankrupt because of a pre-existing condition.”

IBEW Local 103 is the twenty-third union endorsement that Koh has received, more than any other candidate. Koh has also been endorsed by Plumbers and Pipefitters UA Local 4, Boilermakers Local 29, Teamsters Union Local 170, Plasterers and Cement Masons Local 534, AFSCME Local 1730, Laborers Local 560, AFSCME Local 1703, NPMHU Local 301, the New England Regional Council of Carpenters, Laborers Local 39, Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 12, AFSCME Local 1705, Laborers Local 243, IUPAT DC 35, Pipefitters Local 537, Laborers Local 175, IBEW Local 96, Laborers Local 609, IUEC Local 4, IUOE Local 4, Laborers Local 88, and Wreckers Local 1421.

About Dan Koh

Dan Koh is the descendant of Korean and Lebanese immigrants who came to the Merrimack Valley seeking the American Dream. Today, the same Dream that made Dan’s story – and millions of other stories like his possible – is under attack by Donald Trump. But Dan is ready to fight back. He represents a new generation of leaders who will bring fresh ideas to D.C. and stand up for America’s core values. Dan most recently served as Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, where he oversaw one of the most prosperous times in the city’s history and achieved real progressive results. In Congress, Dan can be counted on to be a progressive voice on the issues that matter most – from universal healthcare to creating a fair economy to protecting the American Dream for generations to come.

About IBEW Local 103

IBEW Local 103’s mission is to provide the best trained, most efficient, and safest electricians and telecommunications specialists, while fostering their Union’s values of economic fairness, equal opportunity and charitable giving in the communities where their members work, live, and raise their families. Their unwavering commitment to professional excellence is personified by the recently built addition to their Joint Apprenticeship Training facility. The Local 103 JATC is among the most advanced electrical apprenticeship programs in the country. Working for better wages, better benefits, and fair working conditions is only a small part of Local 103’s focus. Local 103 members take pride in giving back their time and expertise to causes and charities serving those less fortunate throughout their jurisdiction.

For more information, visit: https://the103advantage.com/