Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini Announces His Endorsement of Dan Koh in Third District Race

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ANDOVER, MA – This morning, Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini announced his endorsement of Dan Koh in the Third District Congressional race. Mayor Fiorentini endorsed Koh at a press conference outside of Wicked Big Cafe in downtown Haverhill.  Click here for video from the event. Fiorentini will actively campaign for Koh in the weeks ahead.

In his remarks, Mayor Fiorentini underscored that Koh was the best candidate to create jobs and generate economic development in downtown Haverhill.

Fiorentini emphasized, “Now we didn’t choose this area [for the endorsement] by accident. We chose this area because it is the heart of Haverhill’s renaissance. 200 million dollars in new investment in our downtown and we need a congressman who understands and supports urban areas and cities. And Dan Koh will be that congressman.”

“Now if you look just across the street, you see an old abandoned factory building now being remodeled, in part, because of federal tax credits. Dan Koh will be the Congressman that understands that and will fight to keep our renaissance going.”

Dan Koh and Mayor Fiorentini in downtown Haverhill. Photo courtesy of the Dan Koh campaign.

Fiorentini continued, “If you look just up the street, you’re going to see the Haverhill train station. We got a parking garage because of a federal earmark and Dan Koh will understand the need for cities to get direct aid from the federal government. That train station and the line that goes through it are symptomatic of the need to rebuild our infrastructure. Dan Koh, more than anyone else, understands the need to rebuild our infrastructure to get America moving again with better roads, better highways, better parking garages, and better airports.”

Fiorentini also touted Koh’s track record as Chief of Staff to Mayor Marty Walsh, underscoring, “Dan Koh, and his experience working for a mayor, understands the need to rebuild our cities.”

Mayor Fiorentini and Dan Koh with supporters outside of Wicked Big Cafe. Photo courtesy of the Dan Koh campaign

During his speech, Koh praised Fiorentini’s distinguished record of public service, emphasizing, “Mayor Fiorentini is someone who has dedicated his life to making the city that he loves better.” 

Koh pledged to work closely with Mayor Fiorentini, local community leaders, and small business owners like Mo, the  owner of Wicked Big Cafe. “There are amazing small businesses all around Haverhill and Mo is a shining example [of someone] who works really hard to make sure that people are being served, that people are being helped. But it’s really important that people in DC pay attention and hear those concerns and address them. I work for Mayor Fiorentini, I work for Mo. Not the other way around.”

Koh stressed that as a Congressman, he would fight for a fair economy. Koh stated, “We need to make sure we are fighting for people who are working hard to have a fair shot in this economy. No one who works 40 hours a week should have to live in poverty, and that’s what happens every day. Working families, unions — they’re all under attack under this administration and we need to get their backs…We need to reverse President Trump’s tax plan, and we need to invest in cities and towns that need it.”

Koh also underscored that he would fight for universal healthcare, so that “every single person in this country has access to good, quality, affordable health care as a right and not a privilege.” Koh added that the federal government needed to combat the opioid epidemic head on, stating, “Everyone here knows someone who is suffering from addiction, and we need to change the stigma so that we treat people with addiction with respect as patients and not as criminals, and we need to fight for services at the federal level to make sure that we end this opioid epidemic once and for all.”

Dan Koh and Mayor Fiorentini outside of Wicked Big Cafe. Photo courtesy of the Dan Koh campaign.

Koh concluded his remarks by emphasizing, “Look at everyone here, look at this country. We are a country of inclusivity, we are a country of the American Dream. My family came from the Merrimack Valley from two different parts of the world, probably two of the most random countries in the world: Lebanon and Korea. They lived the American Dream here, they were welcomed here. And as a result, a Korean-Lebanese guy has the chance to become a Congressman from his hometown district. That is what we should stand for. And this mayor took a stand for immigrants, saying immigrants built Haverhill, immigrants built this country. And we need to take a stand and say that that very inclusivity needs to be around today, tomorrow, and forever more in the United States of America.”

Mayor Fiorentini’s endorsement underscores the strong support Koh has received throughout the Merrimack Valley. Koh has also been endorsed by Methuen Mayor James Jajuga, President of the Haverhill City Council John Michitson, Chairwoman of the Methuen City Council Jennifer Kannan, Former Haverhill State Rep. Frank Emilio, Vice Chair of the Methuen School Committee Nicholas DiZoglio, Methuen School Committee members Robert Vogler and Susan Nicholson, and many other local leaders, community activists, and unions.

Mayor Fiorentini and Dan Koh outside of Wicked Big Cafe. Photo courtesy of the Dan Koh campaign.

Koh is the only candidate to have opened up an office in Haverhill. He officially opened his Haverhill office on 63 River Street in early May. He also has offices in Andover, Lowell, Hudson, and Fitchburg.

About Dan Koh

Dan Koh is the descendant of Korean and Lebanese immigrants who came to the Merrimack Valley seeking the American Dream. Today, the same Dream that made Dan’s story – and millions of other stories like his possible – is under attack by Donald Trump. But Dan is ready to fight back. He represents a new generation of leaders who will bring fresh ideas to D.C. and stand up for America’s core values. Dan most recently served as Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, where he oversaw one of the most prosperous times in the city’s history and achieved real progressive results. In Congress, Dan can be counted on to be a progressive voice on the issues that matter most – from universal healthcare to creating a fair economy to protecting the American Dream for generations to come.