Dan Koh Debuts Final Ad Ahead of Election

2018-08-30T23:37:19+00:00 August 30th, 2018|Press Releases|

ANDOVER, MA — Today, Democratic congressional candidate Dan Koh debuted a final ad ahead of the upcoming primary on September 4th. The ad features Dan speaking at canvass kickoffs, endorsement events, debates, and office openings from throughout the campaign. The ad underscores Koh’s commitment to stand up to Donald Trump’s policies and fight “for the values that make the American Dream possible for all of us.” The ad, entitled “Let’s Go,” will be airing across digital platforms.

During the ad, Koh emphasizes, “My parents and their families come from two different parts of this world, Lebanon and Korea. They couldn’t have looked more different, they couldn’t have spoken a more different language, but they had one thing in common—they believed in the American Dream. They settled in Lawrence, they worked hard, they had a good middle class job. That’s the American Dream story. And because of that American Dream, a Korean-Lebanese guy has a chance to potentially become Congressperson from his hometown district. That’s the promise of this country, but the reality is today, under this President and because of the discord in D.C., that American Dream is under attack. And so it’s time for us to fight for the values that make the American Dream possible for all of us. No matter your race, no matter your income, no matter your gender, everyone in this country deserves good, quality, affordable healthcare as a right. It also means that we create an economy where everyone has a fair shot, that nobody that works 40 hours a week should ever live in poverty.”

Koh continues, “As Chief of Staff to Mayor Walsh, we stood up against this President in his first year. Standing up against his disastrous climate policy, standing up against his racist travel bans, his policies around education, and his policies around gun control. We need to take a stand for the American Dream and we need to take a stand because this entire country is at stake. I ask for you to join our campaign and if we are successful on September 4th, I will make sure that that American Dream story, the one that made my life possible, and the one that made all of our lives possible, will be around for generations to come. So thank you and let’s go!”

Showcasing the excitement and energy surrounding the campaign, the ad ends with clips of crowds of supporters shouting, “Let’s Go!”

About Dan Koh

Dan Koh is the descendant of Korean and Lebanese immigrants who came to the Merrimack Valley seeking the American Dream. Today, Donald Trump is attacking the American Dream that made Dan’s story and millions of others possible. Dan is ready to fight back. He represents a new generation of leaders who will bring fresh ideas to D.C. and stand up for America’s core values. Dan most recently served as Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, where he oversaw one of the most prosperous times in the city’s history and achieved real progressive results. In Congress, Dan can be counted on to be a progressive voice on the issues that matter most – from universal healthcare to creating a fair economy to protecting the American Dream for generations to come.